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Dustin Dotzauer

Jesse Dotzauer

History of the Business

The Dotzauer family window business started in 1986 with three brothers Joe, Jeff and Dave. Their business spanned throughout Milwaukee and surrounding areas of Wisconsin, as they served in manufacturing windows, built historic replication windows , provided the installation of windows, and truly encompassed all things commercial and residential with windows. Steadily growing the business, Dotz Brothers became known as a quality name you can trust. 

In 1986, Joe Dotzauer's growing family was blessed with the arrival of twin boys, Jesse and Dustin Dotzauer! 

The twin boys grew up in the window business alongside their father and two uncles, and were taught everything about windows from a  very early age. Their father and uncles passed down traditions in craftsmanship, shared with them the pride of self empowerment, and groomed them to have the strength it takes to run a family business.

Dotzauer Brothers is a name you can trust, backed with decades of commitment to quality and integrity. The family has been committed to excellence for over 35+ years. The Dotzauer Brothers is a family legacy that Jesse and Dustin carry on today. They exemplify what it means to carry on a family name and are an example of hard work, dedication, quality and craftsmanship.

Whether you are looking for residential window replacement, or windows for a Commercial building, need repair work,  historic window replication, exterior siding, or doors, the Dotzauer Brothers can surely help. They would be honored to have the chance to discuss your project. They have the  experience, knowledge, and strength to execute the quality you deserve. Contact them for a FREE ESTIMATE today.


A family business serving the Southeastern Wisconsin area for over 35+ years. 


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